Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center

The aim of the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center is to prevent injuries and other health problems related to sports, with a particular focus on football, handball, and alpine skiing/snowboarding.

For this purpose, research is needed to understand the sport-specific risk factors (why do injuries happen), injury mechanisms (how do they happen), and prevention methods (what ca be done to prevent injuries from happening).

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center (OSTRC) has a special focus on the young athlete, though many of the research projects are done in elite sports. Much of the knowledge gained from elite athletes can easily be transferred to and shared with recreational sports.

The OSTRC is chaired by professor Lars Engebretsen and professor Roald Bahr. Almost 40 researchers across sports medicine and sport science professions are working at the Center, either full-time or part-time. The OSTRC is one of nine IOC Research Centers for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health. Read more on www.ostrc.no.


The OSTRC is a joint venture between UllevÄl University Hospital and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, with base funding from the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture, the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee & Confederation of Sport, the International Olympic Committee, the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, and Norsk Tipping AS. In addition, the Center receives hard funding for certain research projects.

The "fit to play"-project primarily received funding through Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Skadetelefonen.