Did you know ...?

... that the flying disc was developed in 1948 by the American Walter Morrison? The toy company Wham-O bought the rights to the invention and released it later under the name Frisbee.

Flying discs for everyone 

“Flying disc games” is a collective term used about games played with discs. It is a low-cost sport and it’s easy to get into both at a young and older age. You can play ultimate frisbee as a team or choose one of the games you can play as an individual.

Disc golf 

Disc golf, sometimes called frisbee golf, is like traditional golf and the game is built on the same set of rules. However, instead of golf clubs, balls and holes, you use a frisbee and a target (most commonly a metal basket). The challenge lies in controlling the flight of the disc towards the target whilst avoiding various obstacles like trees, water, bushes and hills. Wind and rain will also make this game more challenging and exciting. 


Ultimate is a fast-paced team sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors. Each team consist of 7 players (grass) or 5 players (inside and beach). The players are in constant movement throughout the game – running while throwing and catching the disc to score. The ultimate playing field is similar to an American football field with a grid where there is a goal zone at each end. The teams attempt to score goals by passing the disc to a player who must catch it whilst in the goal zone. The game structure is like basketball where there is a defending team trying to catch the disc and there is a “turnover” whenever the offending team loses control of the disc.


There are discs of various sizes and weight, and different discs are used for different purposes. In golf, like golf clubs, there are a myriad of discs appropriate for overcoming the course’s obstacles. Most flying discs are between 160-180 grams and are made in a variety of colors and types of plastic. The metal basket often most used as a target in disc golf is constructed with hanging chains to catch the disc and deflect it into the basket. There are portable and foldable baskets, but most cultivated disc golf courses have permanent targets, most commonly baskets fixed in the ground.