Do you know the most common injuries in rowing?

The injuries that occur most frequently in rowing are mainly related to overuse.

During one season, 30–50% of all rowers will get an episode of back pain, and these pain symptoms are often related to training. Starting a season and increase the training dosage is a risk factor.

Back pain is quite normal in the general public, too, and risk factors for pain occurrence can vary. However, rowing athletes seem to suffer from back pain more often than it would be normal. A good rowing technique is therefore of significant importance to develop to prevent back pain.

Here are factors that will increase the likelihood of getting back pain:

  • Previous episodes of back pain
  • Training on a rowing machine of more than 30 min a time (as sitting position in a machine is more demanding than in a boot)
  • Increasing number of hours of rowing per week
  • Positioning of the pelvic when rowing

It´s wise to ask a coach to watch your rowing technique carefully, both in a machine as well as on water. Propoer rowing technique is of major importance to avoid long-lasting injuries

Another typical injury for rowers is a stress fracture of the ribs.