Surf as much as possible in a healthy way

Good injury prevention training will help you get physically and mentally prepared for surfing.


Load management

Load management may be one of the most important thing you can do to prevent surfing injuries. Load management is about finding just the right amount of training. Many factors can increase the risk of injuries. For example, spikes in training- or competition loads. The body adapt very well to more load in training, as long as the increases in load are gradually.

Reduce the risk of shoulder pain

During paddling the dominant movement of the shoulder is internal rotation, while pulling and pushing the body through the water. Imbalanced training and overuse injuries might be the result and possibly contributes to the fact that many surfers suffer from overuse injuries in the shoulder. Shoulder exercises that focus on strength and stability, and helps to train antagonist muscles that reduce muscular imbalance will reduce the risk of shoulder injuries.

Perform better and reduce the risk of injuries

This training program include exercises for stretching, coordinative training, strength and stability. With surfing, for example, you will need spinal rotation to carve into your turns, lower limb stability to land airs and stay compact in the barrel, shoulder mobility and strength to paddle. With this program, all above mentioned aspects of surfing are targeted. You can put extra emphasise at those exercises that help you work on the weaker characteristics of your body, for instance mobility for some surfers, strength for others.

Three levels of exercises

The first level exercises could be used for two different goals. You can do the quick version of level 1 as a warm up before your surf session, right at the beach. Or you can use the level 1 exercises for training purposes, even when you have no access to training facilities. The level 2 and 3 are designed for more intense training of surf specific characteristics. While following the injury prevention program, focus on your technique first before you progress to heavier exercises.



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