Para sport

Do you know the most common injuries in Para sport?

Injuries will vary between sports the athlete is involved in and be affected by sport-specific demands. The athlete´s impairment and grade of mobility will also affect injury occurrence.

For athletes with impairements affecting the lower limbs, the athlete will in ther daily and sporty life be fully dependent on the upper limbs, which again may lead to high loads on shoulder and elbow. 

Common overuse injuries to the shoulder and elbow affect the rotator cuff muscles and related tendons. Elbow injuries are known as golf or tennis elbows, dependent on tendons affected.

In addition, unspecific neck and back pain occur and can be both related to sports participation as well as the underlying impairment.

As in every other contact sport or when falling/crashing, acute injuries do happen in para sports, too. However, the individual consenquences may be even more serious when compared to an able-bodied athlete. A fracture to the upper body (arm, shoulder, ribs) or a tendon rupture of shoulder muscles will turn out very badly for an athlete dependent on a wheelchair for transportation.

Common injuries in Para sport are often resulting in:

  • Shoulder pain 
  • Elbow pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
Para sport